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Our Method

Why we grow Heritage breed livestock and Heirloom produce:

Heritage breeds of livestock were developed over many generations, before factory farming became a regular practice. These livestock were bred to thrive in their natural environments with minimal intervention from the rancher. Sadly, these breeds are increasing in rarity, and many are nearing extinction. This is because factory farms tend to use the same breeds of livestock: only 14 breeds provide 90% of our animal products world wide according to the Livestock Conservancy. Many breeds grown by factory farms cannot reproduce naturally anymore, and farmers rely on artificial insemination to breed for the highest yielding livestock. Unlike factory farmed animals, most heritage breed livestock can reproduce naturally and are disease resistant. We grow heritage breeds because they pack more flavor than your average grocery store meat, but also because it is our mission to maintain the health and virility of livestock as a whole.


Heirloom produce is old time varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains. They are called “heirloom” because like an old family heirloom: they were developed and maintained over generations. The produce sold in grocery stores are mostly hybrid varieties, which are bred for higher yields at the expense of taste. We believe that vegetables should be flavorful and so we refuse to sacrifice their taste for profit.

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